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Rose Pedal Repair services and repairs all types of bikes (mountain, road, commuter, e-bike, specialty bikes) and is willing to accomodate personal preferences. Prices exclude the cost of parts and specialty fluids. Common parts (brake pads, chains, tires, etc.) are in stock and more specialized items can be ordered as needed.

Tune Ups

Ride Tune

$85 - Road/Gravel/Hardtail
$95 - Dual Suspension MTB
$125 - E-Bike

Seasonal Tune

$210 - Road/Gravel/Hardtail
$225 - Dual Suspension MTB
$250 - E-Bike


  • Clean/inspect bike
  • Adjust headset
  • Inspect/adjust bottom bracket/cranks
  • Change shift cable and housing (if needed)
  • Align and adjust shifting
  • Adjust hub bearings
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Minor brake adjustment
  • Torque all fasteners

Includes all Ride Tune services plus:

  • Bike detailing
  • Headset service
  • Bottom bracket service
  • Clean drivetrain in ultrasonic
  • Freehub service
  • Minor wheel true

Other Bicycle Service

Note: Rose Pedal Repair does all bicycle related fixes, the above pricelist is just a sample. For more details email [email protected].

2 Hour Bicycle Mechanic Education Session

Designed for those interested in learning about the basic systems of their bicycle, including, but not limited to: the anatomy of a bicycle, suspension setup, tires (tubeless vs. tube), brakes and shifting. Specific topics can be covered upon request. 

To book an education session, email [email protected].